Another great sale, got lots of brand name clothes for all my grandchildren...

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Children's Consignment Sales



Price, enter and tag your items.

What to Expect

Deja vu Couture

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Amazing, friendly, clean, fun, GREAT items, GREAT volunteers

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Drop Off


Put your items on the sale floor.

Pick up, or donate.


Pick up your unsold items or have them donated on your behalf to a local charity.

Consign 5 or more LARGE Items, get your next registration fee waved!!

Click Here for more details and a list of LARGE Items that count towards your total!

Why Consign?

Déjà vu Couture organizes, advertises and runs the consignment event. You do not have to be present at the event to sell your items! Consignors prepare the items they would like to sell and drop them off. All consignors automatically earn 60% of their items that sell.  By volunteering, you can increase this percentage of the sale price you keep up to 75%.  An additional 5% is earned for every three hour volunteer shift performed, up to 75%. Consignors have the option to discount their items 50% off the last day of the sale.  Consignors also have the option to donate any unsold items to a local charity.  As a consignor, you are invited to the private Preview Sale!!!! The preview sale is the day before the public sale so you will get first pick of the merchandise (after the volunteers!).

How to Consign?
Check out Consignment mommies helpful tips for consigning.

1. Please read, print and sign the consignor agreement. Click Here to review and print. Please bring your signed agreement to your drop off appointment.

2. Click here to register as a consignor. There is a $10 non-refundable consignor fee to be paid at time of registration via Paypal. If you prefer to pay by cash or check please contact us. 

3. Gather items you would like to sell. Review our list of Items We Accept/Don't Accept.  Decide if you want to directly log your items online while going through your items, or write them on the log sheet you print out then enter online all at the same time.

4. After you create an account, log in and start entering your items and creating tags. Your tags must identify the size, category, description and price. The description is required if your items tag becomes separated from the item. Our tagging system also gives you the option to discount and donate each item on the last day.  

5. Print tags. Your tags will print out the information you entered, as well as a barcode that contains your consignor number, item and price. Tags print 6 per page. Tags will be quickly scanned at checkout during the sale and the data will be automatically entered into the software program and tallied to your account. TAGS MUST BE PRINTED ON WHITE OR OFF-WHITE 67# or 110# COVER STOCK PAPER.  No plain white copy paper will be accepted as these will come separated from items.  Tags cannot be duplicated on a copy machine. They will not register to your account and you will not get credit for the sale.  Make sure you have enough ink.  Bar codes will not work if they are too faint or too dark.
ALL ITEMS at Déjà vu Couture sales must have tags created through our website in order to be accepted into our sale. We will not accept items that have been tagged for other consignment sales or tags that have been hand written. You must register and create tags through our website. 

6. Hang your clothes on wire hangers and prepare all other items according to the preparation guidelines. The hanger when facing you should look like at question mark, this allows for easy viewing when buyers are looking. Attach tags with a safety pin or tagging gun. Do not put tags through the middle of clothes, it creates holes and will not be accepted! Best place to put tags are through seems or label tags. All clothing items must be on wire hangers.  Wire hangers can be obtained from local dry cleaners for free or a small price. The wire hangers allow for more volume of merchandise on our garment racks as well as easy viewing for shoppers.

7. Schedule a drop-off time to check-in your items ahead of time to get a time that works for you, time slots fill up quickly. Complete your consignor agreement and bring it to your drop-off appointment. After items are reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with our guidelines you will help place them in the appropriate section of the sales floor. Anything that is unacceptable must be brought home or donated and removed from your inventory list. If you have over 100 items please sign up for a 30min appointment.  

Can't make the drop off on Friday? We are offering a select few "VIP Early Drop offs" up to one week prior to the sale.

8. At the completion of the sale, return to pick-up any unsold items by 4pm Sunday that you have chosen not to donate to charity. If you chose to tag everything for donation, you do not need to return to the sale.  You may check your on-line inventory list that night to see what you sold.  Consignment checks will be mailed within one month of the sale.

Supplies You Will Need:

1. Wire Hangers: Usually available from any local dry cleaner for free or a small price. Also check Ebay, Craigslist or Freecycle. 

2. Cardstock Paper: 60-67# weight or greater is acceptable in white or off-white.  Regular white copy paper will NOT be accepted. 6 Tags printed per page.

3. Safety pins: Use to secure clothing to hangers and to attach price tags. You can also use a tagging gun to secure tags. Straight pins are not acceptable. 

4. Clear Packing Tape: Use for toys, books, etc.

5. Zip top bags: Use for shoes and small parts.

6. Zip ties: Use for items with awkward pieces

7. Plastic wrap: great for puzzles and anything you want to be seen but kept together neatly.